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Under the article 13 of the Italian law 196/2003 (“Protection of personal data regulations”) we provide you information regarding cookies installed on (from now on the Site) domain, its sub-domains or domains accessible from the Site.

What are cookies?
Cookies are small files which are stored on a user’s computer. They are designed to hold a modest amount of data specific to a particular client and website, and can be accessed either by the web server or the client computer.

This allows the server to deliver a page tailored to a particular user, or the page itself can contain some script which is aware of the data in the cookie and so is able to carry information from one website visit (or related site) to the next.

Cookies could be installed by the site you are navigating (first party) or from other websites and services (third party).

Technical cookies
that do not require consent:
There are operations that cannot be fulfill without cookies, so in some case they are necessary. Without cookies these operations could be more complex and less safe because cookies allow to identify users and keep identification during session. Website uses cookie to optimize users’ navigation. These kind of technologies do not save data in any case, user’s references or other information on devices, in this way it is possible to keep unchanged the website safety level. Fuselli can also use cookies to save your browsing preferences and optimize your navigation experience. Among these cookies could be included for example those for changing language settings or for managing aggregate and anonymous statistics. They are defined as “Web analytics” that can be considered technical cookies as well, used to collect aggregate and anonymous statistics.

Cookies for which is asked confirmation Cookies directly managed by the owner
This website doesn’t use this kind of cookies

Cookies managed by third party providers
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Twitter - Advertising service, Contents, Customization, Optimization

Managing cookies (browser setting)
This website runs in an optimal way if cookies are enabled. Anyway you can decide to allow or not cookies setting on your PC.

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